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After reading the list below  if you'd like to chat call 877-838-0892 or email to schedule an appointment. 

      • We do NOT cold call or work off of purchased list
      • Our focus is on high ticket (2k+) offers...usually an advanced education program, training or coaching
      • We can recruit for you or completely manage your team. Often our teams are just 1-2 Closers working off of scheduled appointments but will manage as many as needed
      • If you have no funnel or leads feel free to reach out and we can connect you with a partner company that builds sales funnels
      Doug Brown

      For over 35 years in owning and running eight figure plus companies I have worked with many sales teams and professionals. Most of them talk a good story but cannot deliver as promised. Working with Ben and his Hire A Closer team has exceeded my expectations. They are true professionals who implement very quickly and are honest people that you can rely upon and would be proud to have them representing your company.

      Doug Brown The 123 Companies
      Jason Drohn

      I was amazed at their skill set and how deeply they get into the process. They know more little things that have a huge impact on sales and sales strategy.

      Jason Drohn Leveling Up Academy
      Russ Ruffino

      They understand the difference between pitching offers and walking prospects through a transformational decision. I highly recommend their services!

      Russ Ruffino Clients On Demand
      Laura Wieck

      I cannot speak highly enough about them and their services. You will make MORE money in LESS time if you bring on Steven and the High Ticket Sales Team.

      Laura Wieck
      Travis Sago

      I don’t know what’s more thrilling? Ben and Steve filling up my classes with the PERFECT students…or…the six figure cash infusions that makes my bank account so happy.

      Travis Sago Clienftws
      Matt Morris

      I didn’t have an experienced person to sell my high ticket offer and I didn’t have time to sit on the phone all day. Their team closed at 30% for me. They made me a lot of money and it was a pleasure working with them. I will be again.

      Matt Morris Microcap Millionaires
      Chris Luck

      If you are looking for a High Ticket Sales Team that are experts, then you need Steven and their High Ticket Sales team. You won’t be disappointed…

      Chris Luck Marketer's Paradise